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A clearinghouse of selected information to support conservation and sustainable development. As a resource center for colleagues, citizens, scientists, researchers, practitioners, travelers, and students, we provide short articles, guides, full-text documents, and links to longer scholarly reports.

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The Challenge of Ecotourism: a call for higher standards

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The Shores System

The goal behind the Shores_System website is not to duplicate information available elsewhere, but to create a clearing house for useful information. For more details about the Shores System name, read about our philosophy.

Consulting Services

The topics covered in the Resource Center (at left) are some of the thematic areas where we provide a variety of consulting services, including project assessment, design, management, financing, training, monitoring, and evaluation. For more details about these services, please check our Consulting Services page.

Working Papers

Environmental Funds: the good, the bad, and the ugly side (in preparation)

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Park Finance discussion group
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